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Laser Interferometer Manuals

All manuals are in PDF format, which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader software for viewing. Click here to download this free software.

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You can download a PDF directly to your computer by right-clicking on its link (OMP-####) and selecting "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" from the pop-up menu.

Title Document
Laser Interferometer Application Manuals view list
Interferogram Interpretation and Evaluation InterEval.pdf
Aperture Converter Installation & Alignment Procedure OMP-0272C
Angle Measurement Application OMP-0381E
Static Fringe Application OMP-0382B
Zernike Application OMP-0383B
Corner Cube Application OMP-0384C
Disk Flatness Application OMP-0385D
PHom Polished Homogeneity Application OMP-0386B
Three Flat Application OMP-0387B
Two Sphere Application OMP-0388B
Radius Scale Application OMP-0389C
GPI™ Short Radius Kit OMP-0396E
GPI™ Interferometric Radius Scale OMP-0414A
GPI™ 24-inch Wavelength Modulated Interferometer OMP-0426D
GPI™ Motorized Long Z Option OMP-0432A
Aligning a DynaFlect Transmission Flat OMP-0454A
Laser Interferometer Accessory Guide OMP-0463AM
MetroCell Workstation Options OMP-0478B
Verifire™ MST 1550 nm OMP-0481A
Interferometric Radius Slide (ZMI™ 510) OMP-0482G
MST Two-Surface Application OMP-0483A
MST PSurf & MST PHom Applications OMP-0486B
MST Custom Cavity Application OMP-0487A
PTI 250 OMP-0490G
Ritchey Common Application OMP-0492A
Transmission Sphere Selection Guide TS_Selection.pdf
Transmission Sphere Selector (Interactive Excel® Document) OMP-0495E
GPI 12/18/24 inch Large Aperture System OMP-0498B
GPI™ XP/D, HS, FlashPhase™ Interferometer OMP-0502D
Verifire™ AT Interferometer (CAN) OMP-0504B
PTI 250 Accessories OMP-0513C
Verifire™ MST 633 nm OMP-0515E
Verifire™ Asphere OMP-0519D
Asphere Analysis OMP-0520B
Verifire™ Asphere Calculator (Interactive Excel® Document) OMP-0525E
GPI™ & Verifire™ Operating Manual OMP-0545K
PVr Application OMP-0548A
Interferometric Radius Slide (ZMI™ 501) OMP-0556A
Horizontal Radius of Curvature Manual OMP-0557K
Verifire™ Z-Series Operating Manual OMP-0568G
DynaFiz® Operating Manual OMP-0569N
Mini™ & Mini™ XP Operating Manual OMP-0574F
Mini™ & Mini™ XP Setup Guide OMP-0578F
Large Aperture (12/18/24/32-Inch) System Guide OMP-0579H
Laser Interferometer Quick Setup Guide OMP-0584A
Mini™ & Mini™ XP Configuration & Accessory Guide OMP-0591C
Verifire™ HD and HDX Operating Manual OMP-0597E
Verifire™ Operating Manual OMP-0604E
Vertical Workstation Guide OMP-0623A
Verifire™ IR 1.06 µm Operating Manual OMP-0627A
Verifire™ IR 3.39 µm Operating Manual OMP-0629A
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