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MetroPro® Interferometer Application Manuals

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Title Document
Angle Measurement Application OMP-0381E
The Angle Measurement Application is used to measure the mechanical wedge of an optical element having nonparallel surfaces, and the 90° angle error of right-angle prisms. The Angle Measurement Application can be used with the Mark IVxp, GPI™, and Verifire™ instruments.
Static Fringe Application OMP-0382B
The Static Fringe Application is used to evaluate data acquired on interferometers without phase modulation. The static fringe data may be acquired from a large aperture interferometer, or it can be a scanned image input from a scanner. It requires an input vertical fringe pattern with 15 to 30 fringes.
Zernike Application OMP-0383B
The Zernike Application is designed for the advanced user who is evaluating wavefronts in terms of Zernike polynomials. It also provides controls for generating polynomials and wavefronts without the actual test optics. Wavefronts can be subtracted or added to current data sets.
Corner Cube Application OMP-0384C
The Corner Cube Application is used to measure corner cube prisms or retroreflectors. A corner cube consists of three internally reflecting facets forming 90° angles with each other. The application is designed for use with the ZYGO GPI™ XP and the Mark IVxp interferometers. Any type of corner cube can be evaluated, regardless of whether it is constructed of three individual mirrored surfaces or a single piece of glass. Three categories of results are provided: dihedral angle error, beam deviation, and transmitted wavefront quality.
Disk Flatness Application OMP-0385D
The Disk Flatness Application is tailored to measuring and quantifying the surface of hard disk platters, and provides measurement analysis of Radial Slope, Axial Slope, Axial Velocity, Axial Acceleration, and Quadrant Peak / Valley. Axial Acceleration (the rate at which the magnetic head's Z-axis velocity is changing) is calculated from the Axial Velocity calculations and time. Both negative and positive acceleration results are provided.
PHom Polished Homogeneity Application OMP-0386B
The Polished Homogeneity or PHom Application is used to measure the homogeneity of polished glass; the polished glass test part must have wedge. Homogeneity is a measure of the variation in the refractive index within a material. The PHom measurement removes errors in the test cavity as well as errors from both surfaces of the sample. It provides information about the internal quality of glass by identifying optical imperfections. PHom is frequently used as a measurement for raw material that will undergo additional manufacture before becoming part of an optical system.
Three Flat Application OMP-0387B
The Three Flat Application is used to measure the absolute departure of a flat with respect to an ideal flat, with a precision of, or better than, 1/100 of a wavelength. Three flat testing requires two Transmission Flats, a test part (flat), and a 2-Axis Mount. Three series of measurements provide coincident data over a vertical diameter; four measurements provide coincident data also over the horizontal diameter. Results are provided along two diameters on any one or all three of the flats used for the test. Only vertical data is obtainable on large aperture systems, because of the difficulty in precisely rotating a large flat.
Two Sphere Application OMP-0388B
The Two Sphere Application is used to measure the wavefront or surface quality of spherical optics. Two Sphere testing requires one Transmission Sphere, an Alignment Fixture mounted on the interferometer, a 5-Axis Mount with a Self Centering Element Holder, and a test part (concave or convex).
Radius Scale OMP-0389C
The Radius Scale Application is used to measure radius of curvature in conjunction with a GPI™ or Verifire™ interferometer and one of the radius of curvature hardware options (Digital Radius Scale or Interferometric Radius Slide).
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